It’s easy to put off and delay learning a new payroll package. If you are happy with your current payroll provider there can seem like there is no need to learn.
It’s often not until you are forced into a situation where you need to learn a new system that you realise how much better life is on the other side.

And things really are better on the Xero payroll side! Like Xero accounting, it is just so user-friendly.

If you’re interested in getting certified in Xero payroll you can do it all online. The certificate says it takes about 2.5 hours, it may take a little longer if you are transitioning over real data at the same time. The Certification tests as you go, with activities and questions. It’s not too hard either if you’re paying attention!

The setup, if coming from another payroll package, can take a bit of time, beyond that though, it’s very quick to set up, provided you have all your data in order.

Some of the features that are especially helpful include:

  • Paying staff in more than one location, you can choose which region – automatically set up the correct statutory holidays.
  • Track payroll expenses by department, location nor other categories, just like Xero accounting.
  • Pay Calendars – If you’re paying contractors, salary and wage earners, all at differing frequencies, you can set up pay calendars (monthly, fortnightly, weekly) and assign a calendar against the employee profile.
  • MyPayroll. Staff can manage their own timesheets (where applicable), leave requests, view their payslips.
  • PAYE returns – you can download your salary and wages deduction files from Xero Payroll and upload them straight into ir-File

A little less time on spent on payroll is always a win, so if you haven’t looked into Xero payroll yet it is well worth your time!