Here I am, on my soapbox, declaring my love for Canva.

Care to join me?


What is Canva?

Canva is a simple, easy to use, drag-and-drop, cloud-based design program your everyday Joe can use.

It has a catalogue of pre-made designs and knows the correct size for what you plan on using the image for. Want an A4 sized poster? No problem. Want an image for a Facebook post? Easy. Want a custom size? Done.

There’s a huge database of photos, fonts, templates, icons – you name it – either for free or for a small fee, usually $1USD.


Why you should use it

Because it’s simple and amazing.

You can watch the tutorial video which is 23 seconds long and know where to start.
It makes design easy. So easy.
There’s loads of help and pointers available if you need it.


How I use it

I’m a true Canva convert. A few years ago I did an Adobe Illustrator course and used it for a while, but I think it was Canva I was really wanting all along.

Part of my job is to be social online, writing blogs, giving tips, sharing photos, sharing information via online platforms.
That old saying ‘A picture tells one thousand words’ is true, and Canva helps out with that.

You can make an image with the information you need to portray in it, and supplement that image with words. Take this blog for example. The image was made in Canva, it describes exactly what the blog is about, and the words just make the case about how amazing the program is!

Why are images better, anyway?
Think about your Facebook newsfeed. I guarantee you if someone’s update included an image you’d pay more attention to it.
Same goes everywhere else information is shared.


Sign up for the free trial and see the magic happen

Here’s the link