An opportunity to hear about Xero’s journey and products that’ll save you time

The main reason why our customers hire OptimalPeople, is that we save you time. You hire us to do stuff you just don’t have the time for, don’t like doing, and where your efforts should really be spent on other things (like running your business!).

It was great to hear the same message coming from Xero at the Xero Roadshow in Wellington yesterday.

The development and product teams at Xero are focused on making their users lives easier, whether you be a bookkeeper, business owner, payroll clerk or accountant.

Xero understands User Experience

And they’re working on new releases all the time – apparently there was over 1000 updates and releases in 2015, all to make the user experience better.

Xero builds partner relationships to benefit the user

Yesterday I learned a lot. One of those things was that they’ve almost got a full suite of major banks on their side. ANZ credit cards are almost there waiting to get over the line to make your reconciliation easier.

One thing I thought was a bit funny was that Westpac still hasn’t gotten on board. Why wouldn’t they? Apparently one third of NZ’s GDP gets processed through Xero, and if there’s no integration with Westpac and Xero, it just gets hard. Westpac are missing out on a great opportunity there.

Fun facts

  • 87% of invoices are overdue, most getting paid at the 90 day mark.
  • Recoding transactions is the ‘most popular’ thing to do in Xero, with over 11.5 million ‘find and recode’ functions occuring in 2015.

If you’re not already using Xero, you should try it.

I’m a Xero fan (obviously), and that’s measured against my experience in manual bookkeeping as well as using MYOB.

Just give it a go. We can help with everything Xero related.

We totally drank the Kool Aid.