Xero vs MYOB

After using MYOB for many years, I have now been using Xero exclusively for almost 2 years. However, I recently obtained a new client who uses MYOB, so I am spending a small portion of my week re-visiting MYOB – albeit this time “on line”.

Now that I’m running both it is a lot easier to make comparisons. So, which do I prefer?

As with most competing services, there are features in both that are useful.

Both providers cover the day to day accounting requirements for a small to medium-sized business such as automated bank fees. There are too many varying features to list when comparing, so I have compiled a small list of some of that I use on a daily basis.

View this table as a PDF on the link below

Really it comes down to requirements; if add-ons are needed the cost may vary significantly! And of course personal preference.

If my arm was twisted, and a choice had to be made, I’d have to go with Xero, although I have no issue with MYOB! I just like the flow and clean look of Xero, not to mention the dashboard visuals, asset register, expense claims, partner programme…

~ Rachel