For the second year, I volunteered with the event team at the Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

My day job has me running mainly small-medium scale events, with anywhere from 20-150 attendees so I always take the opportunity to volunteer at large events to keep learning.

This blog talks about 3 things I learnt while at the 2015 event.


1. There’s no point stressing

Things always go wrong or not to plan. That’s why as an event planner, it’s our job to think of Plan B-Z so we can quickly make it look like nothing went wrong at all.

You can only do your best, and when you’re struggling, that’s when it’s time to lean on your peers.


2. Carpe Diem

As a volunteer, you never really know what will come your way. Leap at any chances you get, and if you’re not confident, ask for a little help getting the job done.

Seize the day!


3. Reward yourself, take time to reflect and give thanks

A bonus of having a winery and beer distributor as a sponsor is that there’s usually a bit of product left over at the end of a long, hard day.
Sit down with your team and congratulate each other for a successful event, have your notebook out to take down suggestions for improvement and really give thanks to everyone who helped you with the big and small things that happened earlier that day.

Saying thank you and being appreciative is one of the easiest and best things you can do for others.