25 hours in Sydney

Therefore a good time, not a long time.

26 Kiwis flew over to Sydney at the weekend for the Australasian GovHack awards held at the Powerhouse Museum on Saturday night, 7 of us representing the super successful Wellington event.

There was some hesitation at the airport early Saturday morning; someone had forgotten their toothbrush, another no toothpaste, but it was decided that so long as we all made it to Sydney and back the trip would be a winner.

Once in Sydney, we did a few touristy things – some of us enjoying the sun in the Botanical Gardens (they’re just beautiful if you’re ever there) before meeting up to head off to the Powerhouse Museum (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences).
The powerhouse was really cool – planes hanging from the ceiling, wicked random exhibits you’ll never see anywhere else – it was in the first 5 minutes that I really wanted to jump the cordons and take a look around the whole place (read: Will be going back for a better look next time).


Us Kiwis were caught off guard when the presentations started, with team Tremorz being first off the bat, picking up FIRST PLACE for best hack.

Congratulations to team Tremorz!

Jo even picked up the prize for best sign in the background of a photo.