Personality matters

When people find out that I’m an event manager, they often say “Wow, I bet you’re really good at that” or “That’s so you!”. Recently, I’ve been asking these people why.
What personality traits or working strengths make a good event manager?

Organised yet flexible

You need to be a meticulous planner, someone who thinks of each little detail as well as the high level plan.
But then you can’t get upset when your beautiful plan changes. You need to implement Plan B through E, whichever is best to suit the situation.


Planning and delivering events is hard work. The months of planning is ended by huge weeks in the lead up to the big day(s), then delivery is a massive effort – long days doing mental and physical tasks, dealing with problems that would make your Granny laugh.

And then there’s the post event downer, evaluation and preparing to do it all over again next month or year.

Be kind to yourself, someone needs to be!

Problem solver

And not just tangible problems require solving. People are often the cause of stress, so being able to solve people problems diplomatically will get you big points.

Understand the situation, come up with options, implement, review. Move on to the next problem!

~ Bronnie

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