The weekend of 3 – 5 July, 2015

GovHack is a hackathon. The event brings small teams together to produce a “hack” using government data – all in a 46 hour timeframe – one weekend.

What you hack is up to you, it could be a web application, a mobile application, visualisation or even a video. Anything that will build upon the social and economic value of open data published by the government.

Interested? Registrations are out now, so sign up here! Doesn’t matter if it’s just you, as you’ll be connected with others on the Friday night to form your team, or you can BYO team and ideas.
What to expect:

Friday – starts at 5.30pm down at MBIE. Mingling, etc, then the thinking begins and seeds planted.
Saturday – teams hit the ground running. Mentors will be available to run ideas past and help to keep you on the right track.
Sunday – more running, then at the end a quick flash of tigers and beer to celebrate a successful and challenging (in a good way) weekend!

After the weekend, there’ll be some voting to find some great hacks produced in 46 hours, then a party to bring you all together and showcase your achievements!

GovHack Wellington (there’s also other events happening around the country if you’re not in our nation’s capital) is just over 6 weeks away and there are ways you can help out:

  • Spread the word. Tell the people who you think might be interested, about GovHack.
  • Are you a government data champion or coordinator? It’d be great if you could make your departments’ data available to us. The more we have, the more possibilities we have.
  • Feel like volunteering over the weekend? We have a bunch of things we’ll need help with.
  • Are you a kind and generous soul who can donate items to us? Our hackers need feeding, watering, caffeinating, over the weekend and we are fully reliable on sponsorship to make this event happen.

It’d be great to hear from you – I’m here to answer any questions or point you in the direction of someone more qualified!