LinkedIn recently told me I’m celebrating a work anniversary – 1 year at the Wellington Aero Club! Now I’m not sure about you, but this year has absolutely flown past, no jokes. I’ve learnt so much in such a short time frame, I often am awed with myself. Let me explain.

In 2014 I returned to tertiary study. This was a fast yet easy decision. I found a course which covered a topic I have some experience in that was able to fit in with my life as well as my work (yay for having a flexible employer!). Soon, pending finishing a massive final assessment, I will be done. Phew.

In 2014 I decided to give aviation another go. Some of you may know that I started my career out as a flying instructor, I used to not really talk about it because people would say “Wow that’s so cool” (which it is) and “Wow you must make lots of money” (which it’s not). I didn’t like the conversation that followed – it’s tough having to tell someone that pilots are living below the bread line, people just don’t understand, and that is the primary reason why I stopped flying. The decision was great for me – I got to see (some of) the world, and I got variety in my work.

So with people congratulating me on my LinkedIn update, I can’t help but feel happy. I’ve returned to something I love and am making it work within my life. I’m a Monday to Friday OptimalPeople person, a flying instructor on Saturdays, a student in any spare moment I can fit, and really value the catchup times I have with friends.

I’m not someone who plans life or sets goals. I’m open to opportunities that come my way. Which are you?