30 day trial complete, but is it recommended?

I’m on the lookout for easy to use social media tools that do what I need them to do. Focusing on professional small business needs – Twitter, LinkedIn and a touch of Facebook – here’s the quick run down on Sprout Social:

This tool is actually quite good.
It’s dashboard is clean, the publishing is easy to use, the analytics are quick to understand and provide good information.

But of course there’s still a couple of things that could be better.
LinkedIn integration and the price! Sprout is $$$ for the small business owner.

Lessons learnt:
Small businesses don’t need such a comprehensive tool to manage their social media presence. Sprout is designed for a brand manager, community manager, social media champion or a PR professional who has multiple clients on a variety of platforms.

Has anyone used Sprout for small business? I won’t be handing over the company credit card details when the trial ends in a few days…