There are three things you need to nail for your event: The venue, the food and the fun.

Finding a good caterer can be difficult, there’s so many to choose from and there’s pressure for the quality to be high. I have a few rules which I follow:

  • Choose only from caterers whom you’ve sampled and experienced the food and service they offer
  • Meet with them. Don’t just email. Find out how they work and how they will accommodate your needs

Don’t give your business to someone who doesn’t want it

Fattening these points out a bit, I have been known to try a new caterer and have them meet with me and bring a sample of some menu items we’re considering. I’ll also find out where they are catering in the coming week and pay the event a quick visit – pop my head in during lunch and see how the service is being delivered and if anyone is commenting on the food.

Choosing the right caterer for you and your event is very important; food leaves a lasting impression with your guests. Take the time to think of questions to ask a caterer and help them understand your goals, so they can work with you and come in under budget.

Remember: They are providing a service to you. When you find the right one, you’ll know as the signs of a good caterer will be obvious (they want to work with you).