Working 9 – 5 is old news, Mums need flexibility.

Being a working mother is, I expect, a bit like having a split personality. Two parts of the brain which need to be separately engaged, one switched off entirely so that the focus can be on the other.

Thanks to technology they must occasionally both be switched on at the same time; remote access and smart phones enable the blurring of this normally divided head space. TV goes on while payroll is sorted. Emails wait 10 minutes while kids are fed. Proof reading emails is crucial when you’ve been telling a toddler off at the same time!

For me it’s about organisation. Juggling, lists, reminders, not to mention my favourite… routines… seem to all be key in hoping to give both 100% during their daily brain engagement quota.
The days start as a parent, but once the feed/water/dress/clean/drop off is performed… laptop fired up, hot drink on hand… it’s all about taking off where you left off, getting as much done in a small amount of time (for me anyway, part time is optimal in the work/life balance for now). Efficient, time managed work can be performed. Not to mention the luxury of uninterrupted conversations and hot drinks consumed in just that state.

Flexibility is also important. Not only mine, but my employer as well. Appointments, or school activites to attend, but with time made up in the evening or weekend is an easy solution if your boss is open minded.

And just when you think you have it all sorted…throw a new puppy and kids sick days into the mix… and there go my routines!

~ Rachel (& Rocket the dog)