It’s a big task; take a step back and look at the big picture.

Recently, I helped on a project where an IT company was moving offices, and that office was a blank box in need of love and a fit-out. Here’s a bunch of things you should consider if your lease is expiring soon:

  • Start looking for a new space that will meet your requirements now and in the future. This includes how your team works together, your growth plans, how the external environment may affect your internal office environment. This is the first bullet point for a reason, do not underestimate it!
  • Write down all of your requirements for what you want out of your new space. All of them. Make a big list and keep adding to it. Revisit that list and prioritise it. Compromise will need to happen, think about what you’re willing to drop if it came to it.
  • Who are your service providers? Power supply, water cooler, cleaners, internet, etc. Look at your contracts (the water cooler contract was ridiculous – it will end up being handed down, generation to generation like that heirloom plate of great-aunt Gertrude’s)
  • Leave your feelings at the door. Feelings have no place in your new office space or the relationships with your outgoing and incoming landlords.
  • A relationship that does matter is the ones with your designer/project manager/tradesmen. Hire someone to take care of that all for you.
  • Communicate with your team. Keep them updated with your progress and occasionally ask them for input. These people will spend 40 hours a week in your office, keep them informed and include them. Culture is important.
  • Accept that the budget will be blown and be reasonable with the budget. Moving and fitting out a new office cost a lot of money and there are always expenses you never thought about or weren’t included in the quote. Set a realistic budget with room to give more.
  • Consider changes to your IT setup. Have you migrated to the cloud yet or are you still housing an air conditioner in a server room?

There’s plenty of moving office checklists (like this one) available online. Spend time on your office relocation project plan, and make sure it lines up with the fit-out plan!